How do I watch a video that I have purchased?

To watch a stream or download, you will have to log-in (via your log-in link) and then click on the  Library link. Non-expired purchases will be shown here.

(There’s a screenshot of the library page here - this should be updated to Birdbox and attached)

While watching Streaming Rentals your computer or tablet must be connected to the internet. We recommend high-speed broadband or a high-speed 3G connection for streaming. The video quality will automatically adjust to match your bandwidth, so to get the maximum resolution video, you should use the fastest connection available to you.

We recommend always downloading on a stable internet connection and making sure there is enough memory on your device before starting off. If you are having trouble downloading with Internet Explorer, please try installing  Firefox or  Chrome a nd then navigate back to the download link with one of those browsers. Some users have problems with security settings on Internet Explorer. Please also make sure your computer has enough free space to store the download and the option of the sleep function has been turned off.

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